National Jordanian IPv6 Taskforce
                                         MOICT NITC TRC.
What is IPv6
¢The main reason that leads to forming IPng working forces that  finally generates the IPv6 is the limitations of IPv4 protocol.

IPv4 limitations:

¢    IPv4 has proven to be robust, easily implemented, and interoperable. However, the initial design of IPv4 did not anticipate the following:

    *IPv4 address exhaustion with the recent exponential growth of the Internet.

    *The requirement of security at internet  layer, although it use IPSec but it is optional and not mandatory as in IPv6.

    *The need for simpler configuration

    *The need for better support for prioritized and real-time delivery of data

IPv4 Address Exhaustion:
Available IPv4 /8s from IANA as of 19 Jan  2010

IPv6 motivations
IPv6 features & differences
IPv6 adoption and allocation
IPv6 Jordan allocation
IPv6 traffic
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