National Jordanian IPv6 Taskforce
                                         MOICT NITC TRC.
What is IPv6
¢Stateless and Stateful Address Configuration
¢Better Support for Prioritized Delivery:flowlabel field.
¢New Protocol for Neighboring Node Interaction: replaced ICMPv4 redirect,ICMPv4 router discovery and ARP.
¢Extensibility: features can be easily added by adding extension headers.

IPv6 motivations
IPv6 features & differences
IPv6 adoption and allocation
IPv6 Jordan allocation
IPv6 traffic
Taskforce Usefull presentations:
IPv6 Jumbograms
IPv6 address provisioning
Jordan ISP's IPv6 Readiness
Ready IPv6 Providers
IPV6 NITC Allocation
IPv6 Deployment for ADSL