National Jordanian IPv6 Taskforce
                                         MOICT NITC TRC.
What is IPv6 IPv6 adoption has been too slow. There are a number of inter-relating factors for this:
¢Cost:hardware,software and technical training
¢Features: all IPv6 new features seen as a not compelling case for investment.
¢Incompatibility:IPv6 not compatible with IPv4

 so there must be a translation mechanism.

¢Demand: currently there is a little demand to move to IPv6 from paying customers.

IPv6 allocation:

IPv6 motivations
IPv6 features & differences
IPv6 adoption and allocation
IPv6 Jordan allocation
IPv6 traffic
Taskforce Usefull presentations:
IPv6 Jumbograms
IPv6 address provisioning
Jordan ISP's IPv6 Readiness
Ready IPv6 Providers
IPV6 NITC Allocation
IPv6 Deployment for ADSL